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Two songs by Joakim Aunan

Here you can listen to and download two songs by Joakim Aunan. The songs are titled “The Greatest” and “From Hell To Earth”. The download links are at the bottom of this post. You can choose between three different sound formats; Highest Quality, CD Quality or MP3. Enjoy!

Download links (right click and choose save as):

Highest Quality
The Greatest
From Hell To Earth

CD Quality
The Greatest
From Hell To Earth

MP3 Version
The Greatest
From Hell To Earth

Composed and written by Joakim Aunan
Lead vocals and lead acoustic guitar: Joakim Aunan

Additional guitars, pedal steel guitar, bass, drums, percussion, piano, background vocals: Roger Børseth
Produced by Roger Børseth
Recording, mixing and mastering by Roger Børseth, December 2019

Skaun Småband – Live @ Viggjarheim

Here’s a recording of Skaun Småband, at a gig at Viggjarheim May 25th 2013:

Videos from the gig:

Skaun Småband on facebook